Can you win money on the House of Fun app?

The application House of Fun is both for iOS and Android which was developed by Paytika and sold by Pacific Interactive Limited on both the app stores. There has been confusion over the years regarding this application whether or not you can win money on House of Fun.

This confusion is probably because the game has over 20 million players worldwide and it is sure that not all of them are much familiar with the concept of a freemium casino game.

Freemium casino games can be misleading:

If you look up the iTunes page, it is all in the application description. The game will be advertised as a ‘free slots game’ but the description is quite misleading.

But, they use the same language as the other online casinos do. This is how they use their trick to mislead you where you believe that House of Fun makes real money and they offer the same things as other online casinos do.

In-game currency:

The freemium game operates on 2 simple concepts – exclusive game levels that cost lots of in-game currency and players impatience. This is how it works:

The player downloads the software for free.

Sign-up their account where the player gets a ton of in-game currency.

The player is encouraged by the tutorial mode to use that currency.

The in-game features become more expensive as the game progresses.

Eventually, the player cannot make further progress without more currency.

The in-game currency becomes harder and impossible to collect for free.

The player must either accept slow progress or buy currency with real money.

After making you addicted to their game during the initial stages where you have lots of in-game currency, you will have no choice left but to pay real money to get more in-game coins. You must also keep in mind that in freemium casino applications, this doesn’t count as a deposit. This is called an “in-app purchase” which means you are buying the fiction currency in the game to progress through the game faster.

Final thoughts:

To be precise, you cannot cash out on House of Fun. It can be frustrating to invest a lot of money in a game and realize that you get nothing in return; those applications still deliver quite a lot to its players. When you can’t get your money back, you are left with two options- make the most out of it or quit the game.