The Restoration Trust

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Northampton) Restoration Trust was established in 1982 as a non-denominational Registered Charity
(Nº 284282) to relieve the local Parochial Church Council of the responsibility of raising funds to restore this Grade I Listed national heritage building.

aving raised and spent £1.2 million, the building is now in  excellent condition and ready to move forward towards its 1000th anniversary, with all of the challenges and excitement of regeneration and growth.

Whilst the church exists as a focus for worship in the local community and to support  those with various needs, this magnificent medieval building and particularly 'the Round', offers a spectacular setting for the production of musical events and theatre, attracting artistes and patrons from all over the United Kingdom and tourists from all over the world.

All information relating to Holy Sepulchre Restoration Trust can now be found at the brand new and colourful website
The Restoration Trust contact remains with
 John Kightley
on 01604 754 782
or via