Getting Married

Getting Married at Holy Sepulchre

Since October 2008 the rules on getting married
in a Parish Church have been relaxed.

You can be married at Holy Sepulchre if any of the following apply:

1.  If you or your partner live within the parish boundaries.

2.  If you or your partner have ever lived in the parish.

3.  If you or your partner were baptised (christened) in the church.

4.  If you or your partner's parents live or at one time lived in the parish.

5.  If you or your partner's grandparents live or at one time lived in the parish.

6.  If you attend church fairly regularly.


Civil Partnerships

Blessings of Civil Partnerships - contact the Vicar

The Parish Boundary

If you want to check  whether or not you or your partner or any of your families live or lived in the parish, click on the link below :

This will take you to a map on which you can zoom in or out using the + or - tabs to locate the house now or where it was in the past, either on a street map or - if you click on the satelite tab - you will be able to locate its position from an aerial photograph.
We can offer you a choice of places to be married in the church :
The ancient 'Round'offers an intimate setting
where guests gather around the couple as they are married

The upper church offers a traditional setting with an aisle and pews

The church has a fine band of bell ringers.

 We can usually offer an organist, musician, soloist or choir for your perfect day.

We have a modern hall, where outside caterers can be brought
in for your wedding reception

If you would like to be married in this beautiful church contact
the Vicar: The Revd Michael Hills
on 01604 230316 or 01604 717855.

Further information about Church of England weddings can be found on the website

There you will find many interesting items, including a Wedding Planner
and a list of favourite hymns, with short clips of them being sung
and the words in full.  The hymns listed are:
 All things bright and beautiful                  
 Morning has broken
 Come to a wedding
 Praise my soul the King of Heaven
 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
The Lord’s my Shepherd
 O Praise ye the Lord!
 Give me joy in my heart
 God in the planning and purpose of life
 At Cana’s wedding long ago
 That human life might richer be
 Lord and Lover of Creation
 Make me a channel of your Peace
 We pledge to one another
 The grace of life is theirs
 Be still for the presence of the Lord
 Amazing Grace
 One more step along the world I go
 Lord of the dance
 Great is thy faithfulness
 For the beauty of the earth
 Love divine all loves excelling
Lord of all hopefulness
 The King of Love my Shepherd is
 As man and woman we were made