What is better Fall out 3 or New Vegas?

This article will brief you about the basic difference between Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

Fallout 3:

Better atmosphere: Fallout 3 is the most modern post-apocalyptic game which makes you feel like “The Book of Eli” & “Oblivion”.

Powerful Storyline

The ending has confused many people that why should they send their radiation-immune friends to activate the purifier but that has never been a barrier for experiencing the game at its best. It is an easy job for them after all and the players can walk out happily at the ending. They have a fresh combat system, excellent weapons, especially after the “Operation Anchorage” add-on.

Fallout 3 loses the morality contest as it goes for the black and white approach, where you gather the forces of all that is good and beat all that is evil.

Is New Vegas better than Fall out?

The following points explain which is better Fallout 3 or New Vegas.

Worse atmosphere

New Vegas is more like a post-fallout-post-apocalyptic, which is inspired by the late 1970’s movies like “A Boy and His Dog” and “Mad Max”. It remains to be the classic Fallout games and it is more of an apocalyptic western than pure post-apocalypse.

The weaker storyline, but better choices

You have four major factions to side with and you can destroy them all if you want to.

The fight at Hover Dam is worth the try. There are five possible endings with hundreds of variations if you count the DLC.

Better towns

They have more believable towns with water supplies, hunting, and farming grounds.

Special skills pay better

You can play very comfortable, add implants based on your endurance, rake money at a casino if you have high luck, companions hit better if you have high enthusiasm.

Satisfying combats

You can have a different variety of weapons, armor and a lot of fun. Fallout 3 has good customizability, whereas New Vegas introduced gun customization and bullets variation.

You can experience more powerful and varied enemies than in Fallout 3 with enjoyable side guests and more choices when completing quests.

The hardcode mode introduces new aspects of survival into the gameplay. The bullets take up the room, you have to sleep, drink water and eat, heal yourself slowly and that makes it feel like you are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Final thoughts:

In the competition of Fallout 3 vs. New Vegas, the New Vegas wins because of its more realistic feature. But both the games are very fun to play.