Holy Sepulchre 'St Seps' Northampton

Regimental Chapel 2016

Regimental Chapel Conservation

The Rededication

The St. Georges Chapel.

At the AGM of Holy Sepulchre Restoration Trust in 2007 it was proposed
hat the completion of the Phase 5 exterior works to the Regimental Chapel should lead to consideration of regeneration of the interior.

On the advice of the DAC to contact TC Associates (Tobit Curteis), it followed in 2008 that Tobit should be allowed to carry out a technical analysis of the
wall and ceiling paintings with a view to conservation of that which history
had left for us to care for and enjoy.
Thanks to The Churches Conservation Trust(now Churches Building Council) and grant of £2500 to the PCC a full and documented analysis was prepared. Damp issues meant that a costly French Drain needed to be installed
followed by a two year wait to check for stabilisation of wall moisture content.

It then became an issue of delay caused by lack of funds... then suddenly donations and legacies and in particular one of £10000 from the Northamptonshire Regimental Association plus a considerable contribution
by The Restoration Trust allowed works to proceed.

First dedicated as The Warriors Chapel by General The Lord Horne on
30th May 1921, the re-dedication as The Soldiers' Chapel by
The Rt. Rev'd Bishop John Holbrook, Bishop of Brixworth took place on Sunday 29th July 2012 during the annual Regimental Service.

The final cost of the conservation and state of the art lighting design to enhance the wonderful rennaisance of the Victorian paintings has been appoximately £38000 giving the church the opportunity for more regular use of the chapel
and provides a superb visitor experience.

Photography by courtesy of Petrina & Stuart Kightley-Jones.
Tobit Curteis       TC Associates  

Dedication Colours at the ready



Dedication On parade







 On Parade

Colours at the ready. Dedication Dignitories meet up



Dedication Admiration of the conservation







  Dignitories meet up.                                                       Admiration for the Conservation

Dedication bouquets brought to life

Bouquets brought back to Life

Dedication chapel ceiling after cleaning

Regimental Chapel ceiling after cleaning.

Decication J K. M H. B of B Toby Curteis conservater

L to R. John Kightley Founder Trustee, Rev'd Michael Hills.
Bishop of Brixworth Rt. Rev.d John Holbrook , Tobit Curteis International conservator.

Dedication they came home to their chapel

 They came home to their chapel and 'Remembered'





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