Holy Sepulchre 'St Seps' Northampton

For this year the Church will be open on Saturday 9th September 10.00am - 4.00pm and on Sunday the 10th September 12.30pm - 4.00pm

On Saturday only refreshments will be served across the day.


Another September European wide venture has concluded having first set out in 1994 in England to celebrate our fantastic history, architecture and culture. And there is no shortage of this at our church as demonstrated yet again this year by one of the comments of our visitors…” wonderful time, wonderful church and wonderful tour”.
For all the compliments and platitudes, it is a great shame that for yet another year our visitor numbers are considerably down …Year 2013 saw 700 hundred people recorded through our Great West Door…Year 2014 recorded 565…Year 2015 was 465 and this year 2016 just 235 through on one day less than all previous years (Thursdays had become a non-event).

With reference to visitor numbers, many of the usual buildings that are opened to HOD seem to have left the heritage scene thus the publicity leaflet shows a majority of participants as churches, around 18 out of  29 promoted…not a
good enough mix to attract visitors from far and wide.

Some factual information;
FRIDAY attendance               58
SATURDAY attendance        93 Plus 50 Ride and Stride
SUNDAY attendance             84
Visitors from places outside of the county;

London; Hemel Hempstead; Kirkudbright Scotland;
Market Harborough; Whitchurch; Wisbech; Birmingham; Bedford; Nottingham; St Louis USA; Derby; Rugby; Buckingham; Barcelona Spain.

World famous and historic Holy Sepulchre Church 1100AD once again opened it’s doors to visitors from around the world and the UK with a major emphasis this year on local visitor numbers.

With military historian David Parish MBE on duty, “The Soldiers’ Chapel” was also a favourite venue where many a military question and answer was overcome with great detail and the extra display sections creating the fascination of looking back at the many who have made the ultimate sacrifice and are remembered in the Book of Remembrance.

Enquiries for photographs via the internet can be requested at



There can be few Northampton buildings that attract visitors in such impressive numbers during heritage open days as does the ancient and historical Church of the Holy Sepulchre1100AD in Sheep Street.
A favourite venue for photographers locally and nationally, just occasionally a professional photographer captures some splendid new images of both interior and exterior .
Shown here are the images caught during the 2014 H. O. D. by Keith J Smith.
All photographs that follow are ©copyright to Keith J Smith(
www.kjs-images.com) to whom we are most grateful for reproduction.
Keith J Smith would be pleased to receive enquiries for all types of commissions including Weddings, Commercial, Wildlife, Travel and Pets.

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World famous Holy Sepulchre Church 1100AD stands at the north end of Sheep Street close to the town centre. Endowed by the first Norman Earl of Northampton Simon de Senlis, the building escaped the Great Fire of 1675 whilst most of the town succumbed to the devastation.

A grade 1 listed building 'St Seps' as it is fondly known has recently completed a 28year, £1.2million restoration programme ensuring that the historic 'Crusader Round' and all the other vistas of the building are retained for worship,
concerts, theatre and tourists to enjoy.

There is so much for visitors to see and enjoy from architecture to military reminders as the Forces Church for Northamptonshire
. Our tour guides will be waiting to welcome and guide you through the history and events of the centuries.
A new visitor experience is the recent conservation of the Victorian ceiling and wall paintings in the 'Soldiers' Chapel' carried out in July this year at a cost of approximately £38000. This includes new state of the art lighting to enhance the extraordinary work of the Tobit Curteis conservation team.

Military Tours 

The tourist element of Holy Sepulchre is pleased to announce that David Parish MBE has joined the tour guide team.

David is Vice-chairman of Northamptonshire ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, Chairman of Northampton Branch The Western Front Association and a former Warrant Officer in Northampton Territorial Army REME 128 Recovery Unit. He brings a wealth of military knowledge which will enable him to offer specialist tours of The Forces Church for Northamptonshire.


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