Holy Sepulchre 'St Seps' Northampton

King John and the Magna Carta

King John gates

Following the enormous input of Royal and Derngate Theatres for the massive Restoration Trust flower and costume festivals of 1987/1989 and 1991 with royal visits and many thousands of visitors from around the country, The Parochial Church Council was delighted to co-operate with the theatres and The Globe Theatre to present “King John & Magna Carta” in the 800
th anniversary celebrations of the Magna Carta signing.

With King John being a regular visitor to Northampton Castle it is likely that the King and his Courtiers would have visited the church as have many royals down the centuries. From an earlier time, rebel Archbishop Thomas A’Becket was at Holy Sepulchre amid skirmishes prior to leaving the town at Cock Crow on the 14th October 1164 via the North Gate of the time.

King John Aisle

Presented to sell out audiences from April 24th to May 16th 2015 the original Medieval setting of the Round and the centre aisle was ideal for this candlelit production with many famous name actors and actresses giving extraordinary performances on a transverse stage close up to an audience who showed their appreciation with encores as the play ended.

King John ThroneAs a reminder for those who were present and for those who were unable to book a seat, we offer some photographs of the setting that gave the feel of a castle great hall where multi actions and diverse conversations were central to a magnificent performance.

                                 King John (Richard tomb)

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