Holy Sepulchre 'St Seps' Northampton


(with St Andrew and St Lawrence)
Sheep Street
Northampton, NN1 2LY

Click on the map below to locate St Seps within the Borough of Northampton.

The map is fully interactive so you can zoom in and out, or you can click on the satelite tab to see aerial views of the district and zoom down for a closer look at the church and the churchyard.  On a close-up view via the sat tab you will see that the church is a little North of the building on which the blue pointer sits because we share a similar post-code.  The large tree which appears in the middle of the churchyard was removed in 2008.

You will see that there is a large public 'pay & display' car park just a little way to the East of the church, alongside Victoria Street (where visiting coaches can park with ease).

If you want  directions from any location to the church click on the blue pointer within the map and follow the instructions.   

Parish Boundary 

If you live in the area near to Holy Sepulchre and you want to check  whether or not your home is actually within the parish, click on the link below :


 This will take you to a map on which you can zoom in or out using the + or - tabs and locate your home, either on a steet map or - if you click on the satelite tab - you will be able to see your home from an aerial photograph.



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